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Fort Lauderdale Title Services Attorney Helps Clear Deals for Closing

Trustworthy assistance for residential and commercial real estate transactions

Whether you are buying or selling a property, it’s important that ownership of the property is undisputed and the parties have full knowledge of any encumbrances, such as mortgages, liens, easements or back taxes. At The Law Office of Tania Sayegh Bartolini, P.A., we draw on more than 15 years of experience to provide comprehensive title services for commercial and residential real estate transactions. When a qualified attorney performs your title search, you can rely on the results, and you also have an advocate who can take decisive steps to cure title defects so you can proceed with your transaction.

Choosing a knowledgeable real estate lawyer as your title agent

The importance of clear title cannot be overstated. Here are just a few of the issues that could come up during a title search:

  • Contractor liens — The owner may have had an addition built onto the home but never paid the contractor in full. If the contractor has placed a lien on the property, it must be paid before a sale can be finalized.
  • Easements — Sometimes, there is a legal right of way to a property for the benefit of municipal authorities, public utilities or adjacent parcels. For example, there may be a driveway that gives a neighboring landowner access to a public road. This must be accounted for in determining title rights.
  • Boundary disputes — Misplacement of boundary fences or encroachment of structures from adjacent properties must be cured in order to make the title insurable and transferable.
  • Restrictive covenants — Certain properties are subject to restrictions that run with the land. For example, there may be prohibitions on development or on particular uses. These must be identified by the title searcher and there must be a determination of how they affect value.
  • Mistakes in public records — Deeds drafted for closings may be at odds with documents in county recording offices, which may signal potential clouds on title.

These are just a few of the issues a title search might uncover, and they illustrate why you should retain your own real estate attorney, rather than simply relying on a title company to tell you everything is good to go. The title company’s staff attorney represents the company’s interests, not yours. When you retain our title services you can rely on us to conduct a thorough, professional title search, a reliable liens search, and render a clear, substantiated title commitment that addresses all potential concerns.

Contact a knowledgeable title attorney for your Broward County real estate purchase

The Law Office of Tania Sayegh Bartolini, P.A. provides reliable title services for commercial and residential real estate transactions in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County, Florida. To schedule a consultation, call 954-603-1865 or contact us online today.

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