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Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Seller’s Attorney Helps Close the Deal

Knowledgeable support for residential and commercial property sales

If you are placing a property for sale, your goal is to get the best possible return in the shortest amount of time. But a number of complications may arise that can keep your property on the market longer and/or drive down the price. At The Law Office of Tania Sayegh Bartolini, P.A., we have more than 15 years of experience representing sellers of real estate. We will give your transaction personalized attention, exercising meticulous care to steer clear of problems that could delay or derail a sale. Whether you are selling your home or a commercial property, our diligence on your behalf will give you every advantage.

Trustworthy counsel for homeowners selling residential property in Fort Lauderdale

Whether you decide to list your home with a realtor or go the “for sale by owner” route, you need an attorney who can protect your interests. If there is a realtor involved, we will review the listing agreement to advise that the commissions and fees are reasonable and that you have the ability to de-list the property in appropriate circumstances. We will advise you on matters you must handle as you get your home ready for sale, such as making sure that the house is in good repair and that any conditions that could affect salability are addressed.

We also handle drafting and review of real estate sale contracts. If you’re listing with a realtor, they’re going to want to use their contract, in which case we will provide a thorough review and negotiate amendments that may be needed to fully protect your interests. If yours is a DIY sale, you might be tempted to download a boilerplate contract from the Internet, but it is still wise to have it reviewed, since you cannot always be sure you’re using the most up to date version or the one best suited to your situation.

Another issue that’s very important for residential real estate sales in Florida is probate. If you are an out-of-state heir with your parent’s Florida residence to sell, you will want a local attorney who can protect your interests. We will make sure the property passes through probate and take all steps to effectuate the sale, from contract to closing.

Capable oversight of commercial real estate sales in Broward County

Commercial real estate deals can be significantly more complex than home sales, so you should choose an attorney with ample real estate experience to oversee the legal details of your sale. We are well-versed in sales of multi-unit dwellings, condominium complexes and other commercial properties. These transactions involve substantial sums and require significant, detailed preparatory work in advance of the closing. We help our clients negotiate the best terms possible while putting contingencies in place that protect them from buyers unreasonably withdrawing their offers. We manage all aspects of the closing, so you can be certain the sale is effectively completed.

Contact an experienced property seller’s attorney in Broward County

The Law Office of Tania Sayegh Bartolini, P.A. provides reliable legal services for sellers of residential and commercial property in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County, Florida. To schedule a consultation, call 954-603-1865 or contact us online today.

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