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Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Closings Attorneys Facilitate Successful Completion of Deals

Meticulous attention to detail protects buyers and sellers

Whether you are buying or selling a home, you have a significant investment at stake. You want to close the deal smoothly with every confidence that your rights are secure. Unfortunately, mistakes, oversights, or omissions can frustrate the closing process. At The Law Office of Tania Sayegh Bartolini, P.A., we have more than 15 years of experience serving as real estate counsel for buyers and sellers. We have built a solid reputation for personalized service and meticulous attention to every detail. We have shepherded many transactions through the closing process for buyers, sellers and lenders, so we understand the transaction from every point of view.

Common problems for residential real estate closings in Broward County, FL

The key to a successful real estate closing is anticipating and removing impediments that can throw the deal off course. I draw on my ample real estate law experience to help clients avoid and/or remedy common problems that can arise with real estate deals in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County, such as:

  • Title defects — A real estate deal can’t be closed unless the sellers can prove they hold good title to the property. All defects must be cured or compensated for, such as breaks in the chain of ownership or fraud or inaccuracy in public land records.
  • Liens —Unpaid bills, such as a contractor’s services or taxes, can result in encumbrances on the property. The owner must either pay the debts to remove the liens or make the lien holders parties to the transaction.
  • Probate issues — In Florida, we often deal with property left by deceased seniors. Their adult children often live out of state and want to sell the property but cannot do so until the property has gone through the court probate process.
  • Deed errors — Any misstatements in the deed must be corrected before the property can change hands. A common example is a property’s location or its metes-and-bounds description.
  • Title insurance —The buyer should purchase a policy that protects their interests in case defects in title are discovered after the sale goes through. If the purchase is financed by a mortgage, the lender will require a title policy naming itself as the insured.
  • Home inspection —A residential sales contract usually includes a clause allowing the buyer to withdraw from the deal if a home inspection reveals serious problems that the seller refuses or is unable to cure or provide adequate compensation.
  • Survey issues — A survey of the property could reveal boundary problems, such as an encroachment from an adjacent property or a misplaced fence or wall. These issues affect title insurance and property value and must be accounted for prior to closing.
  • Lender issues — It is not unusual for a lender who has preapproved a mortgage to demand additional documentation from the buyer. When this occurs, it’s important to comply swiftly so that the closing date is not delayed.
  • Repairs not made — Property sales are often contingent on repairs to the structure of a home. If promised repairs have not been made, or are not adequate, the buyer may be entitled at closing to a credit against the purchase price.

There are a great many moving parts and fine details to a home sale, and you need an attorney with the skill and experience to give the required care and attention. We work hard to close the deal efficiently, so you can be confident you receive the full benefit of your bargain.

Contact a responsive real estate attorney in Broward County for your home closing

The Law Office of Tania Sayegh Bartolini, P.A. provides reliable legal guidance for home closings in Broward County and throughout Florida. To schedule a consultation at our office, call 954-603-1865 or contact us online today.

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