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South Florida Attorney Provides Authoritative Advice on Contracts

Fort Lauderdale lawyer helps clients make favorable agreements

Businesses and individuals rely on the establishment and enforcement of clear, effective contracts. However, without the right legal guidance, you might find yourself trapped in a harmful deal. My Fort Lauderdale firm, the Law Office of Tania Sayegh Bartolini, P.A., works on behalf of South Florida clients in a full range of contract matters. Whether you’re looking to close a purchase, establish a nondisclosure agreement or protect your rights in a breach claim, I have the knowledge and experience to help accomplish your objectives.

Skillful counselor helps prepare and negotiate effective documents

As an experienced commercial law attorney, I can identify key issues and create contracts that protect your short- and long-term interests. My firm provides comprehensive assistance with tasks such as:

  • Drafting — I approach each matter personally and tailor the contract language to your specific situation and goals.
  • Reviewing — If the other party has created the document, my firm performs an exhaustive review of the terms to ensure that you are not unpleasantly surprised later.
  • Negotiating — Throughout the negotiation process, I keep you informed of potential options and vigorously protect your interests.

For purchase and sale transactions, leases or other types of agreements, I will ensure that you emerge with a document that clearly outlines each party’s rights and obligations. During a initial consultation, I can outline the best way to create a fair document.

Knowledgeable adviser creates and enforces nondisclosure agreements

In a highly competitive marketplace, protecting your work product and proprietary information is crucial. Establishing an effective nondisclosure agreement is a legal way to safeguard technical data, customer lists and other valuable information that belongs to your business. My firm will explore your particular needs and create a document that prevents disclosure of private material to the fullest extent permitted by Florida law. If you are seeking to enforce an existing agreement, I can also take action on your behalf.

Accomplished litigator handles a full range of contract disputes

My business litigation firm has done extensive work in cases arising from contractual disputes. From the start, I give each client a clear, accurate explanation of the relevant agreement language and detail how the law applies to your situation. Through skillful communication and negotiation, my firm can resolve many of these matters promptly and without undue expense.

Contact a thorough South Florida contract attorney for a initial consultation

The Law Office of Tania Sayegh Bartolini, P.A. advises South Florida individual and business clients on all types of contract issues. Please call 954-603-1865 or contact me online to schedule a initial consultation at my Fort Lauderdale office.

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