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Skilled Business Law Attorneys Protect Your Company’s Interests in Broward County

Straightforward counsel on contract law, business disputes, and commercial litigation in Florida

Businesses of all types need sound legal guidance to ensure they operate smoothly and efficiently. At The Law Office of Tania Sayegh Bartolini, P.A., we deliver hands-on business law counsel to companies of all sizes in Broward County and beyond. Whether you are a big company seeking to expand in other countries or a local business that needs help drafting sound contracts, we provide you with strong legal support so you can move forward with confidence. Additionally, as experienced litigators, we have the skills to resolve complex commercial disputes to keep you operational and thriving.

Resolve breach of contract issues with a reputable attorney by your side

Since contracts are such an essential component of the business world, chances are you will encounter a breach of contract dispute at some point. Having the right lawyer by your side when you attempt to remedy such a conflict can make all the difference.

At our firm, we routinely help business owners settle difficult breach of contract disputes related to:

  • Purchase agreements
  • Bill of sale contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Partnership agreements
  • Nondisclosure agreements

Our first goal in handling a breach is to review your contract, identify the parties involved, and understand the responsibilities of each party as stated in the contract. After identifying the presence of a breach by one or more parties, we determine the extent of damages suffered by your business. Lastly, we explain your legal options for remedying the breach in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Trusted business law attorneys develop and review contracts in Florida

The best way to avoid a breach of contract dispute is to develop a sound contract from the start. We work closely with you and your business partners to draft a comprehensive document that clearly explains the responsibilities of each party involved. A well-drafted contract lays the groundwork for your business to operate efficiently and profitably through its life.

Additionally, we review your existing contracts to ensure they are properly written and clearly describe the obligations of each party. By carefully scrutinizing every aspect of your current business contracts, we are able to quickly identify any disparities, omissions, or other issues that could lead to a breach or dispute in the future.

Commercial and civil litigators committed to resolving your case

When a business dispute disrupts your company, you need to remedy the issue as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes negotiations fail and your only recourse is litigation. Drawing on our vast litigation experience, we waste no time in building your case and protecting your business interests.

We assist clients with many different types of commercial litigation matters in Florida including:

  • Breach of contracts
  • Partnership disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Fraud related issues
  • B2B disputes
  • Real estate conflicts

If a dispute of any kind is threatening your business, we fight aggressively for your rights. As business law attorneys who have handled thousands of bench trials, we have in-depth knowledge of the process and know how to tailor an effective narrative before the judge.

Helping businesses to handle transactions with certainty

We offer a wide range of commercial law transaction services to clients, from startups to established corporations, offering advice on issues related to:

  • Choosing the right business model
  • Hiring new employees
  • Hiring vendors and suppliers
  • Choosing the right policies
  • Joint ventures

Whether you’re forming a new company or considering a merger, our firm provides you with seasoned legal advice tailored to your company’s goals.

Contact a dedicated Broward County business law attorney today

The Law Office of Tania Sayegh Bartolini, P.A. assists Florida business owners with all aspects of business and commercial law matters, from contract development to litigation. Call 954-603-1865 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation at our Fort Lauderdale office today.

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