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Should a Title Company or a Real Estate Lawyer Handle Your Closing?

When you purchase a home in Florida, you are not required to have a lawyer. A real estate agent can prepare the contract and a title company can serve as the closing agent, responsible for processing the documents and disbursing the funds to complete the transaction. Which one you choose is largely a matter of Read More

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Explaining the Eviction Moratorium

  Many citizens have been financially hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Lots of people are out of work or working significantly less hours. Many businesses are foregoing raises or bonuses for their employees this year. Workers who are physically going to work are putting their health at risk in order to make money, often Read More

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The Importance of Title Insurance in Buying a Home

When you purchase real estate in Florida, you want to make sure you’re getting title to the property free and clear of any hidden or unknown claims. This is true whether you’re buying a house, a condo, a commercial parcel or even an undeveloped piece of land. Such a claim could come in various forms, Read More

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4 Ways Your Business Can Keep the Clients You Have

Even in normal circumstances, it’s crucial for you and your company to do everything possible to keep the clients with which you already do business. That isn’t just because of the obvious benefit of keeping revenue streams alive; it’s also several times more expensive to procure and onboard new clients than it would be to Read More

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What You Should Know About Buying a Condominium in Florida

With its stretches of sandy beaches and year round sunny weather, Florida is home to some of the most desirable condominium communities in the world. Despite the allure of less maintenance and a more manageable mortgage payment, condo living can pose certain challenges. If you’re thinking about buying a condo in Florida, it’s important to Read More

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What You Need to Do Before Hiring Your First Employee in Florida

Congratulations! After months (or years) of tireless work, your business has finally expanded to the point where you feel comfortable bringing aboard an extra pair of hands. This blog will focus on what you need to do to hire and onboard your employee effectively (and in accordance with applicable laws).  Forms, Forms, Forms You might Read More

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Starting a Home Business in Florida

There are many kinds of businesses you can run out of your own home in Florida. However, a home-based business is still a business, which means you need to comply with all applicable state and local laws and other restrictions. There are also tax and insurance implications. Here are several things you should consider before Read More

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Ways a Business Contract Can be Breached (Material vs. Immaterial)

Any given business, no matter how big or small, is guided by its underlying contracts with internal and external stakeholders. Therefore, it’s not unexpected that one of the most common disputes in the business world is breach of contract. There are different levels of contract breaches, though; some breaches are minor, while others can result Read More

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Can Your Business Interruption Insurance Cover COVID-19 Closures?

If your business has been scaled back or closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may think of looking to your insurance covering losses for interruptions in your business. However, it is not a sure thing that such coverage is triggered in these circumstances. As the pandemic continues to evolve, so have court interpretations Read More

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Considerations for Cash-Only Real Estate Sales in Florida

Since the Great Recession made itself known in late 2008 and early 2009, the amount of cash-only real estate closings has risen (nationwide, it has nearly doubled). In fact, south Florida is a hotbed for cash-only real estate closings; the rate routinely hovers around 50 percent in the Fort Lauderdale area.  Both buyers and sellers Read More

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